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Agent Websites & Subdomain Sites

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

With our CHIME website, agents have the option to use their FREE Agent subdomain (a website that mirrors the main office site yet will display your name and information on all pages and listings). You can generate your own leads as well as share the office blog content to your social channels to drive people to your subdomain! You don't have to do anything and content will be constantly updated for you!

If you are looking for a completely customizable website, you can do this as well for a low $30/mo! The sky is the limit with the customization capabilities for these websites and Heather will get you started and guide you for future enhancements! If you enjoy blogging or have video content, this may be the perfect solution for a fraction of the cost for other platforms! Of course don't forget you also have the option for a custom booj website via RE/MAX. We highly recommend doing a meet up with Heather and she can help you decide on the best solution for what you are looking for in a website!

AGENT CUSTOM WEBSITES: If you upgrade, Heather will create your custom website for you!


The subdomain sites will have the domain, we recommend connecting your own domain to this url. (Don't worry, Heather is here to guide you thru this process).

We LOVE these Agent subdomain sites because the Real Geeks sites allows you to have a customizable Agent Landing page but the offices information was all over the website, not yours. And the only time someone saw your information was when the initially went to your Agent landing page but as soon as the navigated away from that landing page, they would not see your information again. These subdomain sites have your information on all pages and mirror the office website.

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