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Download CHIME CRM Mobile App

Unlike many other real estate CRM platforms, Chime was actually built mobile-first. What this means is that most of the features that are available on the computer Web App are also available via the Mobile App. There will be some features that are better used online via a web browser, but you will definitely want to have the app for the push notifications and portable database to take with you on the move.

For your reference, the following is the logo you should see when looking for our app in any app store:

Download from the app store:

Apple: App Store

Please be aware that the mobile app is not available without data access. In other words, if you are in a location without cell service or WiFi, you will not be able to access lead contact information, etc. In order to use the Chime mobile app, you need active data service.

Sign In + Notifications

You will sign to the app using the same login credentials as on the computer. As you start the app and log in, you will want to enable notifications if you plan on using them to stay informed.

You can also reference the following article to learn more about mobile notifications: How To Setup Chime Notifications on Your Mobile Phone.

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