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Reduce Stress with these Ideas!

Take a break to Recharge. Whether it’s only 10 minutes or an hour, take a break, spend some time with your family and find time to put the phone away for a few minutes daily. We are in a crazy market where we are spread thin with everyone needing our attention but it is important to make sure we are including ourselves and family for a little recharge. Instead of a week long vacation, think about a staycation close to home yet away from your house and splurge a little!

Time Management & Business Planning Review. This is a great exercise if you are a time blocking person, Take an hour this week to review your Business Plan and maybe shift things around or find things that inspire you and do those sooner rather than later. Time blocking for these exercises are also important for running smooth business.

Start reading a very engaging book or listen to a podcast. Anything that diverts your attention during stressful times will help keep you calm and relaxed.

Yoga, exercise, prayer, or meditation are all great ways to take your attention off of what is happening and focus on simply nothing for a period of time. No matter how long it takes, just keep trying to block out everything and give yourself a moment of peace. If yoga is not your thing, try escaping to a place surrounded by nature and do breathing exercises. Focus on your breathing, in and out. Sometimes it’s only a minute until you start thinking of everything that is happening. That’s OK, just start again. The goal is to divert your attention for a while to let you mind and your body relax. You could even take your pup for a walk, they would love that and if you happen to chat with your neighbor about the crazy real estate market, you can call it prospecting! Win-Win!

Play some Music, keep music playing while you are working or at your computer. If it is your favorite music, you will find yourself singing, dancing or focused on the music, which is a fun diversion.

Grab a friend for coffee, lunch or dinner to disconnect - Grab a friend, spouse, past client or someone you enjoy being with and grab a bite to disconnect an be in the moment! Even if it is only an hour, it will be a great blessing to be disconnect for a short time!


Take a look inside and start discovering and believing in the power that you have to create and influence change. You don’t have to create a “foundation” to make a difference. Even simple acts of kindness and service improve the world. What do YOU want to do?


Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.

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