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10 Ideas to get Listings in Today's Market

We have reviews multiple ways of attracting Seller leads in the past but with the changes in the market, we thought you could always use more! Here are some ideas to kick off the New Year!

Automate the process of sending them comparable home sales activity

Set up a search of their neighborhood from your local MLS and send them the sold listings as they close so they can keep up with the activity in their neighborhood.

Send an unsolicited CMA every 6 months

Do a CMA a day for someone in your database and depending on how many in your database, you can cycle through them eerie 6 months. Pair the unsolicited CMA with a Bomb Bomb video.

Email the homeowners in your database a monthly newsletter

This keeps you at the top of mind so they remember to call you, the local expert when it is time to sell. Make sure you include an item of value in the newsletter.

Build a real estate database filled with homeowners

You should fill your database with friends and family members who own homes in the areas you service. You should include: • Your past buyers. • Owners you’ve met at open houses. • Past expired listing homeowners. • Homeowners in your farm area that you have communicated with.

Email your entire database 2 different questions

1. Are you planning on selling your home in 2022/2023

2.Have you had any thoughts of selling at these peak prices?

Adopt Agent databases who are leaving the business

There are many ways to do this: buy the book of business up front, pay a referral for everyone in that agents database that uses you to buy or sell in the next 5 years or forever as long as retiring agents still has a license for referral

Do FB or Instagram live in front of Sold Sign of house. Ex: It's Kerry @ RE/MAX Elite. I am standing in front of 123 Main Street. We just closed this property at ___% of listing price. How you ask? Our / My marketing and negotiation skills. (we don't love posting just solds, but an occasional one which is video with stats and info is OK).

Sign up for seller attractions Sites - you only pay a referral if you close the transaction. - Homelight or UpNest or OpCity to name a few.

Create a seminar for seniors called "Big to Small House" - create a mailing campaign, create a landing page, run a FB ad.

USE Instagram story Polls to engage potential clients

Are you living in your Dream Home now - Yes/No

Have you had any thoughts of selling your home in 2022/2023 - Yes/No

Then message the people that answer no to question 1 and yes to question 2 and tell them you would love to help them find their dream home 9of course they need to sell to buy )


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