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10 Video Tips for Agents

There's no denying that video marketing is powerful.

The ability for someone to see and hear you allows them to get to "know you" without ever meeting you in person. Sharing on social, uploading to YouTube gives you MAXimum visibility with your audience as well! Here are some tips to get you started!

TIP #1 - Make your videos engaging. You only have a couple seconds to grab someone's attention so make sure you have images, graphics and hooks first to keep them engaged.

Tip #2 - Know Your Audience - Which platforms do you use, who are you trying to reach? Who are your ideal clients? Knowing this will help you with your messaging.

TIP #3 - Add closed captions to your videos if you will be speaking. This will allow people to read what you are saying vs turning their volume on. Many people are scrolling through social media with their sound off.

Tip #4 - Make a list somewhere of questions you get asked frequently and start answering these questions through video. Use your Notes app or maybe Google Drive to stay organized. Create a content calendar so you can be consistent!

Tip #5 - If you are not ready to be on video, no worries! We use Canva to create market report videos, real estate tips for YouTube, social, reels & stories all without being on camera! Start somewhere and the more you create videos, the easier it will be!

Tip #6 - Once you feel comfortable getting on camera, start recording yourself talking by sending your kids, spouse, loved ones videos! The more you practice, the easier it will get. We actually started a private Facebook Group for practicing LIVES without an audience to play and get comfortable. You could do this with a Business Page, Instagram account, etc.

Tip #7 - Get some basic equipment. We always carry a tripod and Bluetooth clicker in our cars for on the go or out and about videos. You never know when you will need it. Once you decide to get on camera, a decent lav mic will do great to pick up your audio! In our office we have a full green screen room with lighting, ring light tripod, green screen background as well as regular "product placement" backdrop. You can get a starter kit on Amazon with these items for around $100.

Tip #8 - Keep it Real! Showcase your personality! This is one of the most powerful parts about video. You are who you are, you look like you look and sound like you sound! Don't let this be the reason you don't do videos! Good lighting can help but in all seriousness, Being "You" will go a long way so let that personality shine!

Tip #9 - On the go Video Apps. Article for top 21 best video Editing Apps

  • Quik

  • Adobe Premiere Rush

  • iMovie

  • WeVideo

  • Splice

  • Vimeo Create

  • KineMaster

Tip #10 - Real Estate Video Ideas to get you started.

  • Video Introduction (perfect for website and Featured Video on your YouTube Channel)

  • My 5 most asked questions from Sellers

  • My 5 most asked questions from Buyers

  • Neighborhood Tours - Choose your Top 3 Farming Areas

  • Local Attractions / Businesses - Sell the area and fun things to do!

  • Video Testimonials from your past clients!

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Real Estate / Area

Join REVSnation Facebook Group - Group all about video for the Real Estate Industry!

Join Pinky Knows Naples - Group with tons of video support, tips & classes

Weekly Activity:

Send a quick video to a loved one, friend or past client!

Words of Wisdom:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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