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3 Ways to get Listings... Now!

The housing market remains very active right now but It seems the latest buzz lately is that the market is slightly starting to shift. Buyers are rushing to get into a home before interest rates rise even more and Seller's want to cash in on their equity.

The Agent's biggest question still seems to be, how to get more listings! Here are a few ideas...

  1. We all seem to have plenty of buyers, we know how frustrating it can be trying to find that perfect home for them and win out on the bidding wars... why not reach out to homeowners in areas that your buyers are looking for? Send postcards, send a letter, knock on some doors! Let them know if they have considered Selling that you have pre-approved Buyers looking for a home in XX neighborhood!!!

  2. Reach out to EVERYONE in your database! Go to your CRM and start calling, texting, emailing, sending postcards or snail mail! Check in on them, see how they are doing and see if they have thought about selling or know someone who might be thinking of selling!

  3. Go to your MLS / Tax Records and reach out to absentee owners! Many absentee owners are looking to take advantage of their equity! Start targeting them to see if they are curious about selling and taking advantage of this market!


Write five notes to amazing clients just to tell them thank you and that you are thinking of them.


Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart.

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