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Get ahead by giving back to your community

Here are 5 ways to introduce new people into your sphere, as well as learning & sharing with other real estate professionals.

  1. Start a Mastermind Group. We are always saying to find your "tribe". Having regular accountability calls / zooms / meet-ups with other professionals will not only allow you to be with others that can relate to your daily struggles, it will allow you to bounce business ideas back and forth to up your game.

  2. Become a mentor. There are plenty of newer agents out there that are looking to grow their business. Becoming a mentor could give you the opportunity to have an agent to help you work your buyers and eventually have a team to have each others back for stay-cations or mini getaways to keep your sanity.

  3. Create something and share it. You probably have something you do in your business that you love, we bet others would too! Don't be afraid to share! There are many groups that allow sharing of knowledge. If you help just one person learn a new tip or trick, the good vibes from teaching have a way of coming back ten-fold.

  4. Become a connector. Be on the lookout for needs and wants. Slow your scroll and listen carefully to what your friends on Nextdoor, Facebook or Insta are asking for, and have your database ready. If someone is complaining that their kids are struggling with post-lockdown learning, could you introduce them to a retired teacher? Real estate agents are natural connectors. By being more intentional about it, you’ll find that folks will look for ways to connect you with people with real estate needs.

  5. Join a committee. There’s no shortage of opportunity to get involved on a hyper-local level at your Association or MLS. Raise your hand and grab a seat at the table. These behind-the-scenes groups are making important decisions about investments, technology, regulations and your professional future. Learn, listen, and make sure your vote gets counted.

Original Source: Real Trends


Drop by five favorite clients this week with a potted plant or package of seeds and a note that says, “Thanks for helping me grow this past year and for being the kind of amazing client that makes the spring a little sunnier!”


ATTRACT what you expect

REFLECT what you desire

BECOME what you respect

MIRROR what you admire


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