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Lead Generation Ideas & Strategies

Real Estate Lead Generation is constantly evolving. Of course we are always discussing the importance of focusing on your Sphere of Influence since they already know, like & trust you. It will always cost you a lot more time & money to gain a new client than someone who already knows you.

As you think about creative ways to get more leads, you must think about your why and what type of person you LOVE to work with! Whether it is the first time home buyer, empty nesters, or other family situations like divorce, probate, etc. It is a lot easier to find the right lead source for you if you know what you love about selling real estate or working with buyers or sellers!

Here are some ideas for lead generation for real estate agents:

Google Pay per Click (PPC) - Drive traffic to your website or specific landing pages, You control the monthly amount of $$ you want to spend! Tip: Create a couple different ads if it is your first time... maybe have a small budget for each, track using google analytics so you know which ad performs the best and increase that ad!

Seller Leads from Market Leader: Market leader runs one of the largest home valuation sites online.

Divorce Leads - If you are serious about working these leads, get your RCS-D (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce) designation and reach out to Divorce Attorneys to let them know this is your specialty!

Bold Leads for Buyer & Seller Leads - Bold Lead claims to offer agents a 5x's return on their investment. If you have a system in place to help cultivate leads, this may be a great option!

Circle Prospecting - A great way to get your name out, especially for your farming areas. You can buy a list of homeowners' cell numbers, cross check the DNC list. You can use an app like Slydial broadcast to leave homeowners voicemails for your next Open House in the area!

Smart CRM's - Using software like Zurple or First.IO, let artifical intelligence help you reach out to someone who is most likely to buy or sell!

Send letter's to Absentee Owners - With the market being hot, these owners are a great resource for listings! Maybe they have been renting their property or using as a second home. With the home values and equity being high right now, it may be the perfect time for them to sell!

Garage Sales: Yes, we just said garage sales! We love the neighborhood Garage Sale days, especially if it is in your farming area! Wear your brand swag, go shopping and spark up conversations! You are out shopping for items to help stage your listings because you work hard for your Seller's!

Website - Build out your website and make it a hub of information about the area! The more content, photos & videos you have, the more likely you will be found on a search. Use these landing pages to share on social to help drive traffic to your website!

Social Media - The world is your oyster with social! From creating and maintaining those relationships with your Sphere, you stay top of mind when it comes to referring you! Networking in groups can be just as powerful! Be positive, provide value and be passionate and you may be surprised at the opportunities that come your way!

Local Clubs, Organizations & Non Profits - Get out there and find your "tribe of people"! Never be shy about wearing or having your swag with you! (branded shirts, hats, cups always let people know what you do without you having to shout it out).

These are just a couple ideas for helping you with your lead generation. Check out some of these articles for more ideas!


Take a break from your phone one time each day this week to work on a small project, or use that time to meditate, reduce stress, and boost self awareness.


Don't make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to level yourself up.


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