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Listing Marketing Checklist

So often we hear that there are never enough hours in the day. Especially in a crazy HOT market like we have had, trying to fit in time for marketing a new listing (that may go under contract within days), so many agents have skimped out on their listing marketing... but this is also your portfolio so here is a quick and easy checklist to help streamline your Listing Marketing. Once you have a checklist, it won't take long to get in the habit and squeeze in 30 minutes to get your marketing done!

These are just some ideas, there are so many other ways you can market but this list should be a perfect starter list! ;-)


  • Flyer Completed (Megaphone has them all ready or maybe set up a Canva Template for super easy drag and drop of photos & information for a more custom look)!

  • Postcard Completed (Megaphone / Canva/ Quantum)

  • Enhancement - Make sure to add video and other enhancements not pulled by MLS.

  • Enhancement - Make sure to add video and other enhancements not pulled by MLS.

  • Zillow Walk-Thru Video Completed - Takes a couple minutes but will put listing TOP in searches and make you look like a rockstar!!

  • Website Enhancement

  • Video on YouTube - A video even from your phone or use something like Animoto to make a quick video from your photos to upload on YouTube - This helps with search engines!

  • Adwerx Enhancement - Update layout, photo, update url to be the listings on YOUR website!

SOCIAL POSTS - ALWAYS add CTA to get full details & info - add listing link to property on YOUR website using your unique link!

Use url shortner for custom link (allows tracking info) - or url shortner - Can customize - I recommend putting the MLS # since these are case sensitive.

Spread these out throughout the week or month (depending on how long it is active! Posting at different times will grab eyeballs of different audiences.

  • Social Announcement – Photos w/ link - or a fun Carousel of photos!

  • Do a IG story / reel / TikTok

  • Upload Video to Social

  • Collage Social Flyer to Social


  • Sold post to Social (photo with customer at closing or in front of house is ideal) - Having people to tag in a post will get MAX engagement!

  • Sold Blog Post on your website if possible (great for SEO)

  • Add SOLD Story / Reel / TikTok

  • Send email for Reviews (Some send email for request a day before closing)

  • Post Testimonial Graphic to Social

  • Add Review Story / Reel / TikTok

  • Add Review to website

Of course modify these to match your marketing platforms, price of home, etc. This list should be a great start to your marketing and of course if you have any questions, let us know!


Find sites and articles that make you smile and laugh and pass it along to everyone by sharing on social, emails and via phone. It's a lamplighter in a tough world - and a conversation starter for you!


Why are you trying to fit in when you were born to stand out?


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