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Stand out and be Remarkable! Exceed Expectations!

Get people talking about you.. in a good way!

Are you being remarkable and memorable when it comes to your business?

Here are 5 ways to get people talking about YOU!

  1. Your Social Presence - Are you creating shareable content? Are you giving value? We don't mean the fluff that you can sign up for that is generic content, we mean remarkable and hyper local content! Local events, sunsets, area photos, real estate tips, DIY, home maintenance ideas, etc. Create content that gives huge value and is hyper local! Become the go to account and get your followers involved! Be RELEVANT! Remember, you will always get out of social what you put into it!

  2. Local Information Booklet - We know the area as agents but also as neighbors. Why not create a booklet for our buyers for local resources? All Utility information (Water, cable, electric, internet, gas, garbage, etc). Put yourself in a new resident's shoes... what information would be of value when relocating from another state? Vets, hair, nails, local hot dining spots, local attractions, handyman, plumber, etc. Make a small book with these resources and include it in your closing gift!

  3. Seller's Questionnaire for Buyers - Create a generic questionnaire for your sellers to fill out with information on their home. This would include garbage days, mailbox location (if condos), sprinkler settings, pool settings.. you get the idea. What do the sellers know about the home that would hugely benefit the buyers as they move in? Have that questionnaire filled out and leave at the residence as a welcome to your new home!

  4. Local Content on your Website - Just like your social presence, give your website a boost by adding blogs for local information! Be the hub of information! Add pages and information for each city & larger subdivisions! Grab photos while you are out showing property and add to your website! While you are there, capture 15-30 second videos! You can create some amazing evergreen content with these videos! Blog ideas - Where to see Christmas Lights, Christmas Parades, School Calendar (always my #1 blog year after year)! Think local! Maybe spotlight businesses or ask for favorite restaurants, etc on your social to help you add content for your website! This not only provides huge value to the locals, it is incredible for Search Engine Rankings (SEO)

  5. Client Appreciation - Whether pop-bys, annual events, etc. Make sure you are standing out with your sphere and past clients! Working by repeat and referrals is a huge benefit for you! Doing great things for your past clients will get you noticed since most agents never even reach back out after the sale. Trust us, people talk and when you go above and beyond, you will be talked about in the best way possible!

Stand out and be remarkable! Exceed Expectations!

Weekly Activity

Consider taking a leave-behind such as door hangers, flyers or small tokens that will help make your visit memorable and let folks know that you are the neighborhood specialist to turn to when they have questions or real estate needs!

Words of Wisdom

Exceeding Expectations is where satisfaction ends and loyalty begins.

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