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Ways to Calm Housing Crash Nerves

As you well know, there are a lot of questions and hesitancy surrounding the housing market right now. Interest rates and prices continue to rise, leading to a lot of questions and anxiety among your clients. One of the most popular questions you've probably had to answer is, "is the market going to crash?" I watched this webinar, and I thought I would share a few key points for you to remember to help keep your customers calm.

Proof Is In The Data

You're the pro. Use data to prove that it's a good time for real estate. Gather as much local market and national data as possible. Give your opinion based on timely data. Give your buyers confidence that inventory is moving in the right direction. Seeing the numbers will give your clients more confidence and less anxiety.

You're the Expert

Take the time to educate your clients on the facts. Teach them what's happening in the market and how it's different from 2008. For example, lending is more secure, and rather than having too many homes, there aren't enough. Talk to them about the advantages of buying now. Prices and interest rates are only going up, so they'll pay more down the road.

Have a Simple and Effective Message

​Using data is important, but when presenting it, be concise. Don't overwhelm your clients. Keep your message short and sweet. Use visuals to help get your point across. A simple message will leave buyers and sellers with fewer questions and more confidence.


This week, believe in yourself, play to win, and be sure to intentionally cheer FOR members of your team at home and at work.


Relationships are at the heart of your wellbeing and happiness. Nurture them and they will nurture you.

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