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5 Ways to shift with the real estate market!

As real estate makes a shift so must our marketing. If you have been in real estate long enough, you know that real estate is always changing and there is no crystal ball. You also know that you have to constantly evolve, learn, make little shifts and not be afraid to try new things. This will be especially important to those that have only been in real estate for 5 years. You only know the good... the great and quite honestly, the crazy! You have probably been so busy that you have never had to put a plan together to constantly stay in front of people.

Education - We firmly believe in going to seminars, events, conferences, etc. Three are more webinars than ever before which makes it cost effective to learn at your convenience. We believe there's always room for growth when it comes to our business and these classes often give a ton of value. Even if you only get a couple nuggets to implement, it can really be a game changer for your real estate business! For example, Heather has taken the SAME Video Bootcamp at least 4 times... but every time, she has grown and implemented just a couple ideas so each class she is at a different level and grabs new techniques to add! It never feels like the same class because she is at a different place in her business and level of expertise!

Networking - We personally love the in person events because as important as the education is, so is networking with your peers. Not only does this help build your referral network, but this also helps you learn and grow from the best in the business! How amazing is it to follow and create relationships with other top agents in different markets online but to meet in person and really be able to share what works for you / them. These events are perfect for really growing those relationships and taking them online... offline. We all do different things in our business, let's all help each other!

New Marketing Opportunities - When the real estate market shifts, it rarely shifts all at once and all in the same direction. In your business planning you probably have a lot of things you just haven't had time to implement or maybe after some classes you may want to add a little more to something you have been doing. For example, maybe you are pretty consistent with sending our postcards to your farming areas... maybe it is time to add a QR code to those that go to a landing page to get some leads? Maybe add a sign rider with a text code which will automatically send them the link to the property on your website? You can do this with a QR code as well! Maybe add a QR code to your real estate signs that go to your mobile app or linktree site which has all of the properties linked. We are sure there are a lot of ways you can make a little tweak with what you are currently doing to take it up a notch!

Stop being a Secret Agent - We are probably a broken record when it comes to your online profiles and making sure they are up to date and have all of your information but it continues to blow our mind how many agents don't even have that they are an agent in their personal Facebook Profiles! Make sure your Bio has that you are an agent, make sure you have your Business pages linked in that personal profile and make sure every profile has your website listed! Make it as easy as possible for someone to find you!

Improve our relationships - Make sure you are utilizing your CRM and being consistent with reaching out to your sphere and your past clients! Send monthly emails about the market, text them, engage with them on social... make sure you are doing something!! Connect as a person, not as an agent!


Add MORE to something you are already doing in your business to take it to the next level!


Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.


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