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5 Tips for REALTOR® Safety Month

As real estate pros, a lot is going through our minds. We're always concerned about our buyers, sellers, marketing, leads, and, of course, our families. But, one of the most important things we should consider is our safety. September is Realtor Safety Month. So, we wanted to give you a few reminders on how to be safe while doing what we love.

  1. Have a Partner - Most of our business is done solo. But when possible, work with a partner. Have someone else with you at Open Houses or showings. Meet new clients in your office or at a coffee shop.

  2. Be Aware - Be alert and aware of your situation and your surroundings. If something feels off, trust your feeling and get out of the problem. It's just not worth it.

  3. Take a Self-Defense Class - Taking a self-defense class could be a huge safety tool in your arsenal. So take self-defense courses and practice them to have muscle memory and be ready to protect yourself if necessary.

  4. Use Safety Apps - There are numerous apps designed to keep you safe. Noonlight, Homesnap Pro, and PeopleSmart are just a few that you could download and use. Install them and use these apps if a situation comes up.

  5. Ask for ID - Is your lead who they say they are? Don't be afraid to ask for identification when meeting clients for the first time. It's for your safety.

  1. Plan Your Safety Strategy

  2. Tips and Best Practices

  3. Training Videos

  4. Personal Protection Resources

  5. Take the REALTOR® Safety Pledge

Weekly Activity

Review NAR's Safety Resources, find a partner and set up your safety strategy

Words of Wisdom

Always be aware of your situation and surroundings


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